Studying for Praxis II: 5161 Math Content Knowledge

I’m currently on a short break (11 days) before the summer semester starts. I won’t have any math classes over the summer, but I’ll be taking the Praxis II: 5161 on July 19. I started studying for it a little bit recently. I did some practice problems from the ETS website, and I’m making my own study sheets for topics that I really need to brush up on (a little bit of everything, here and there).

I wish more practice material were available, like there is for the SAT or GMAT. But, I’ll make do the best I can. At least I can find “regular” (that is, not necessarily Praxis prep) problems for the relevant topics. For example, I can find practice problems online for, say, matrix operations, integration by parts, exponential growth and decay, basic probability, and so on.

I’m a little nervous about taking the test on a computer, which is odd since I took the GMAT on the computer all the way back in 1999, and I scored in the 98th percentile, plus virtually all of my exams at Columbia Business School were computerized. I guess it’s the online graphing calculator that is the biggest “wild card” to me right now. I’m rusty on the TI-84 as it is, nevermind an online version.

All in all, I’ve got to think that starting to prepare two months in advance is a smart strategy


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